Simple accounting

Account for GoPay as a bank account. Download movements overview and upload it to your accounting software.

How does GoPay work?

We will set up a GoPay business account for you to collect your payments.

Funds will be sent from your GoPay business account to your bank account at the end of the selected billing period, with fees deducted.

How to account for GoPay?

To account for GoPay you can use a payments statement. You can select a format (e.g. ABO, CVS, XLS) and download the statement in your GoPay business account. We also send you the statement to your e-mail address every time you settle.

According to the obtained statement, account as finances in account class 2, i.e. as a classic bank account. The only difference is that electronic money is credited to the GoPay merchant account. However, they can be defined as a cash equivalent from the point of view of their liquidity.