We are GoPay

We are a team of people who see the future
in the online world without any cash.

Meet our team

Pavel Schwarz

Pavel Schwarz

Chief Executive Officer

Pavel is a visionary whose thoughts are always wandering in a better future. If he decides to make some of his dreams come true, it is useless to try to stop him. The GoPay project is one of the examples. A few years ago Pavel established principles of GoPay and thanks to that we are closer to a world without cash. Pavel graduated from the University of Economics in Prague and the University of Bath.

Michal Babouček

Michal Babouček

Sales & Business Development Manager

Michal is a person who lives for his work and his work is his hobby at the same time. His thoughts flee to business and finance even during his lunch time. He graduated from the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague and then he picked up countless experiences in different managerial positions. If you would like to meet Michal outside of work, he would probably be reading or travelling around the world.

Radek Červený

Radek Červený

Risk Manager

A good risk manager should always stay on the top of things and maintain a positive attitude. Radek is exactly that kind of person. He can perfectly predict all risks, analyse them and finally propose a solution for a security and control system. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of South Bohemia. Many years of experience have made him a professional who never lets anything wipe the smile off his face. Radek actively relaxes on a golf course.

Zbyněk Novák

Zbyněk Novák

IT Manager

If GoPay is based on the best high quality IT background, then Zbyněk is its perfect cornerstone. He manages the development and analytical team and ensures the whole system runs smoothly. Zbyněk graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University. Even if you wouldn’t guess at the first glance, Zbyněk is a pure rocker in his soul. In addition to the world of modern technology he also enjoys travelling.

Michaela Tlamsová

Customer Support Specialist

Veronika Schreiberová

Customer Support Manager

Lenka Tesařová

Business Specialist

Kamil Štěpánek

Key Account Specialist

Alena Kocinová

Accounting Specialist

Tomáš Prokop

Integration Specialist

Michal Kudrna

Software Coordinator

Pavel Valenta

Senior JAVA Developer

Jiří Zezula

Integration Manager

Martina Weigertová

Marketing manager

Michal Rottner

Senior JAVA developer

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Our History

We have been around for a pretty long time already. If you are interested in our story, join us on the journey back in time…

New year, new look

January 2014

Beginning of 2014 we prepared for you a fresh new look of our products.

Go, GoMobil

June 2013

We started a full-fledged virtual GoMobil operator.

Hello Slovakia

January 2013

We started our business in Slovakia.


May 2013

Reaching 3,000 merchants.

From good to better

November 2012

As the first non-banking entity in the Czech Republic we received the authorization to operate as an electronic money institution.

The first thousand

July 2011

Reaching 1,000 merchants.

We are on TV

August 2010

We participated on shooting the Czech TV show similar to Shark Tank.

We are the first

August 2009

As the first company in the Czech Republic we are started the GoPay payment gateway using the third parties payment methods.

Getting started

December 2008

The GoPay payment system started its operation.


July 2007

We obtained the licence for a small-scale electronic money issuer.

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