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Advantages of shopping with GoPay

If you enjoy online shopping, you will definitely like GoPay
because there are lots of advantages.

Shop anywhere

The bank, the country or even the current weather does not matter. You can shop anywhere,  even in a foreign e-shop.

Euro payments

No matter what you're planning to buy, you can always be sure that you can pay for it in Euros.

Everything runs online

You can open your GoPay account without any unnecessary personal verification. Everything is quick and online.

Shop confidentially

You can use GoPay anonymously, if your annual payment volume does not exceed the amount of 2,500 Euros.


Who says you cannot sometimes change your mind ? With your GoPay account you can always easily cancel your purchase.

Payments under control

With your GoPay account you have a clear overview of all your purchases in one place. If you repeat some purchases, you do not have to fill in the same information again.

Lots of top-up channels

You can easily transfer money to your GoPay account from your mobile phone, bank account, credit card or recharge voucher.

We do not charge anything

The best things are free of charge. Even if you would keep transferring money throughout the whole day, we would not charge you a penny.

Shhhh. Are you a merchant and do you sell in bulk? Then you should definitely check out our GoPay payment gateway.

Questions & Answers

If you have not found the answers to all your questions on this page, please try here or you can search for your answers in our Help Centre.

Is it safe?

As we are dealing with money, security is our number one priority.

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What about fees?

Good news! Opening and maintenance of your GoPay account is completely free.

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Where to find more answers?

You can learn more about GoPay in our Help Centre which is available 24 hours a day.

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What about if I have a business?

Then you should definitely check our payment gateway.

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