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Payment gateway

A proper merchant needs a proper solution. Therefore, we have developed a payment gateway which is full of benefits associated with your business.

Automatic and chargeable cancellations, the option to customize your gateway layout, discount programmes… Our GoPay payment gateway can do a lot. Just find out yourselves.

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Donation button

Do you do anything deserving? Do you want to give people the opportunity to reward you for the honest and good quality work? Then learn about the Donation button!

Perhaps you create movie or TV series subtitles, design icons write interesting travel articles or something completely different. You do not do it for money, but why not to give people a chance to repay you for your effort?

Payments by link

Have you created something that other people might want to download? Just set the price, insert the link with a pre-filled amount on your website and start earning the money!

The payment by link works very simply. You specify how much you want the users to pay. Then you generate a payment link which you insert on your website or in your e-mail and then just wait until the money starts increasing on your GoPay account.

Payments by QR code

Why to keep your customers chained to their computers, when they have smart phones with QR code readers in their pockets? Let them pay with ease…

The QR code technology is a great method of interconnection of the internet world and beyond that. The code can be easily placed on any printed product. Customers can make payments from the comfort of their armchairs and the money will end up on your GoPay account.

Shhhh. Are you a merchant and do you sell in bulk? Then you should definitely check out our GoPay payment gateway.

Questions & Answers

If you have not found the answers to all your questions on this page, please try here or you can search for your answers in our Help Centre.

Is it safe?

As we are dealing with money, security is our number one priority.

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What about fees?

Good news! Opening and maintenance of your GoPay account is completely free.

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Where to find more answers?

You can learn more about GoPay in our Help Centre which is available 24 hours a day.

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What about if I have a business?

Then you should definitely check our payment gateway.

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