Our priorities

It's about money, so for us safety is on
the first, second and third place.

1. Capital adequacy

We maintain a minimum capital of the Company in the amount of 2% of the total volume of electronic money issued, always in the minimum amount of 350,000 EUR.

2. Liquidity

We maintain sufficient liquidity of funds, to be able to reimburse all of the issued electronic money at any time.

3. Administration of financial means

We protect deposited client funds on bank accounts with a with special regime according to the exact legal rules. Each client's account is insured up to 100,000 EUR in accordance with the Czech legal system.

4. Appreciation

We can invest the client funds only in accordance with strict criteria and regulations of the Czech National Bank.

5. Control system

We apply periodic manual and automated monitoring mechanisms in order to manage the risks and minimize their impact. Appropriate records are stored and incompatibilities are regularly evaluated.

6. Processes

All processes and activities are applied in accordance with internal company directives which are subject to regulation of the Czech National Bank.

7. Financial crime

We systemically prevent attempts to legalise proceeds of criminal activities by applying a system of internal principles and internal AML rules under the Act Act on measures against money laundering and financing of terrorism No. 253/2008 Coll. The system includes own security department that continuously analyses and evaluates financial risks and threats.

8. Company management

Key employees at the management level are subject to monitoring required education and experience in the field of financial management. We provide regular training for our employees and test their eligibility, in order to ensure the maximum and continuous safeguarding of funds against financial loss due to fraud, misuse, negligence or mismanagement. Furthermore, we place high demands on the separation of key personnel jobs.

9. Information technology

We implement application development solely with our own employees vlastními zaměstnanci without outsourcing. Simultaneously we apply advanced technology with territorially separated architecture to achieve maximum availability and quality of the GoPay payment system.

10. Certification

We are regularly and successfully certified at different levels: procedural, financial and security audit. The result is guaranteed quality of the entire solution of GoPay payment system. The procedure also includes regular PCI DSS certification due to storage and processing of payment card information.

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