Highlights that make
online payments easier

Works on one click

The gateway can remember your card and it can also be connected to it. Your next payments can be made literally with a single click on all GoPay merchants’ pages. More information about one click payment

Works on one click

Without redirection

Most customers do not complete their orders at the last step of the payment process. With Inline payment gateway your customer remains on your site at all times. This has a significant impact on a number of successfully completed orders.

Without redirection

Wears your colours

The payment gateway will perfectly fit into colours of your site. You can upload your logo and set colours according to your needs.

Wears your colours

Over 55 payment methods

Within a single payment gateway your customer receives all popular payment methods that can be used to pay for ordered goods or services.
Check out all payment methods.

Over 55 payment methods

Accepts 9 currencies

Sell your goods abroad. You can accept nine currencies with the payment gateway, such as CZK, EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, HUF, RON, BGN and HRK.

Accepts 9 currencies

Recurring payments

If you need to charge your customer card regularly or irregularly recurring payments are an excellent solution for you.

Recurring payments

13 languages available

The gateway automatically recognizes the language of your customer and provides a translation. Currently, the payment gateway is translated into English, Czech, Slovak, German, Russian, French, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Italian and Spanish.

13 languages available

Shopping cart details

The gateway can display customers cart details so the content of the order can be checked at any time during the payment process.

Shopping cart details

User Interface

  • No redirection

    Customers paying with the Inline payment gateway remain on your web site at all times. The payment process appears as a natural step of the order and it has a positive effect on a ratio of successfully completed orders.

  • Gateway branding

    The payment gateway will perfectly fit into colours of your web site. You can place your logo on it and also select colours based on your needs.

  • Language localization

    Your customers can come from all around the world. Currently, the payment gateway is available in: English, Czech, Slovak, German, Russian, French, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Croatian.

  • Displaying order items

    GoPay payment gateway can show up a purpose of the payment or individual items of the shopping cart. Therefore your customer can check the order content at any time during the payment process.

  • Inline payment gateway

    When paying with the Inline payment gateway your customers remain on your web site at all times.

  • Redirect payment gateway

    Your customers can be redirected outside of your web site to our Redirect payment gateway. Once payment has been completed your customer is redirected back to a dedicated page on your web site.

  • Mobile optimalization

    Whether you choose either Inline or Redirect payment gateway for your business, all payments from mobile devices are automatically processed through an optimized interface designed exclusively for them.

  • Wide selection of payment methods

    Are you interested in certain payment methods? You have an option to select only those payment methods you and your customers want.

Payments and Options

  • One click payments

    Do you often pay by your payment card? GoPay payment gateway not only stores your card details but it can also be linked to your stored card. Your next payments can be made literally with a single click on all GoPay merchant pages.

  • Wide range of payment methods

    The payment gateway offers wide range of payment methods. You can select by the payment method type or by territory. The selection of accepted payment methods is always individual.

  • 9 currencies accepted

    Sell your goods abroad. You can accept nine currencies with the payment gateway, such as CZK, EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, HUF, RON, BGN and HRK.

  • Storing payment card details

    If your customer uses the option storing payment card details then next payments can be made with a single click on all GoPay merchant pages.

  • Pre-authorization

    Do you need to reserve money on your customer payment card and capture the actual transaction later? We can deal with that.

  • Recurring payments

    If you need to charge your customer card regularly or irregularly then recurring payments are an excellent solution for you.

  • Payments on request

    After the first registration payment has been made you can automatically process payments from your customer card on request.

  • Donation payments

    Do you need your customer to make payments in a certain amount of money that can be determined by himself? This is possible with a donation payment.

  • Link payments

    You can generate URL payment links in a simple and easy way. The payment link always displays your customer the payment gateway with a payment you defined.

  • Automatic refunds

    Has your customer paid late? Never mind, the payment can be automatically refunded.

  • Partial refunds

    Hasn’t the business been made as you would expect? You can easily issue either a full or partial refund.

  • Locking payment methods

    Individual payment methods can be locked so the payment method can not be changed during the payment process.

  • Predefined list of payment methods

    You can select a preferred payment methods for your customers. If they are not happy with the selection it can be easily changed.

  • QR bank payments

    When paying by bank transfer your customers do not need to fill in any payment order. They can simply use bank application to scan a QR code.

  • Premium SMS and the amount of payments

    Set up the exact amount that your customers should pay based on your business needs. We can help you to register the individual price level with the operator / service provider.

  • Premium SMS and auto-reply text message

    Set up a text of your auto-reply message based on your needs.

  • Direct Premium SMS

    It is not necessary to display the payment gateway for Premium SMS payments. Therefore payments are much faster and more comfortable for your customers on the go.

  • Payment status e-mail

    Each customer automatically receives an e-mail informing whether the payment was properly completed or not. If the payment has not been successful a repeated payment request is a part of our service.

  • Merchant scoring

    You can receive customers feedback after the payment has been made successfully.

  • Shopping cart content

    For greater clarity the payment gateway can display individual items of customers purchase.

  • Direct link to bank systems

    Online bank payments can be redirected directly to bank systems without displaying GoPay payment gateway.

  • EET connection

    If you need help with EET we have a solution for you.

Business Account

  • Automatic payouts

    Both our clear documentation and experienced support ensure a quick launch of the payment gateway.

  • Currency settlement

    We send your payments to your bank account in all the supported currencies: CZK, EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, HUF, RON, BGN, HRK, without a currency conversion.

  • One account for all

    You can manage your payment gateway settings and all payment methods within one GoPay account. You also have an overview of all your transactions and account statements.

  • Simple accounting

    The accounting is made simple. You just need to download a list of payments in a .xml, .gpc or .csv format, import it and enter in your books.


  • Fast and simple integration

    Both our clear documentation and experienced support ensure a quick launch of the payment gateway.

  • RESTful API

    There is a simple and unified API available to all options of the Inline payment gateway.

  • OAuth 2.0

    The payment process is based on the authorization protocol OAuth 2.0 which is the basis of modern security REST services.

  • Sandbox

    Sandbox closely simulates the live processing. It is possible to test all functions and payment methods with fictitious funds.

  • Test business account

    Explore all options of your business account before it goes live.

  • Payment descriptor

    Easy identification of payments using a descriptor displays the company name directly on your customer’s bank statement.

  • Adjustable timeout

    Do you want to enable your customers to pay by a predefined time only? This is possible with our payment timeout feature. Customers can make payments only during a preset period of time.

  • Examples of various functions

    You can easily manage the integration of special functions of the payment gateway thanks to our illustrative examples included in our documentation.

  • Automatic payment notification

    With our services you will have all payments at your fingertips. You will always know an up-to-date payment status by receiving notifications.

  • Payment card issuer

    Do you need to know an issuer of your customer’s payment card? GoPay provides you this piece of information as a part of your payment status update.

  • E-mail notifications

    If needed you get information about payments via e-mail. You can select this option on your business account.

  • Notification of a payment status change

    You will be immediately notified about a payment of your order.

  • Verification of a payment status

    The payment status is always available to you. Thanks to REST API you can verify all payments whenever you need.

  • eCommerce platforms

    We are connected to a wide range of eCommerce platforms that have already solved the integration automatically for you. We are more than happy to help you with a selection of the best solution.

  • Supplier network

    We offer a network of certified suppliers who can provide various payment modules for open-source eCommerce solutions.

  • Testing payment cards

    For detailed testing of payments by your card we have prepared a set of testing payment cards which can help you to get familiar with your payment process.

  • GitHub

    Our API is available in a publicly accessible repository GitHub.

Fraud Management

  • Managing payments by a region or card issuer

    You can restrict selected regions if payments from certain regions may be risky for you.

  • Managing payments by user e-mail address

    You can limit a number or volume of payments to a specific user e-mail address.

  • Managing payments by user payment card

    Set a number or volume of payments on a specific payment card for a certain period of time.

  • Managing payments by user IP address

    You can limit a number or volume of payments to a specific user IP address.

  • SMS payment authorization

    Enable users to verify payments via SMS authorization. Limits by a maximum number or volume of payments to a particular mobile phone are also included.

  • Shared blacklist

    We keep a blacklist according to e-mail addresses, mobile numbers, IP addresses, payment card numbers. Fraudsters fail to pay with us.

  • Requesting name and address

    If needed we may require additional information from your customer. Subsequently this piece of information can be used to dispute a possible fraudulent situation.

  • Limits of individual payment methods

    Some payment methods may be considered more risky than others. You can set up maximum and minimum limits of one-off payments for these particular payment methods.

  • Greater control above 20 EUR

    Card payments in the amount of greater than 20 EUR are subject to a higher security check through the 3D Secure authentication.

  • Location of payment cards

    We can give you the information about which region the payment card was issued in.

  • Checking of fraudulent payments

    Do you suspect any fraudulent payment? Do not hesitate to contact us anytime. We will tell you if your concerns have been valid eventually we will recommend you how to proceed in that particular situation.

  • Strict security checks

    On a regular basis we check payments throughout GoPay payment system. If we find a payment that meets any of suspicious payments characteristics, we will inform you immediately to prevent fraudulent situations together.

  • Supervision

    In the event of any fraudulent situation we actively cooperate with both the Ministry of Finance and the Police of the Czech Republic in order to investigate it further.

  • Under GoPay protection

    You are under a protection of a prestigious company which has in many ways a better negotiating position in relation to particular payment institutions.


  • Secure SSL communication

    All communication and data transmissions are secured and protected by SSL certificates of generally recognized safety authorities.

  • High security of card information

    We handle your payment cards data in accordance with the highest security standards. When we are dealing with any sensitive data we follow strict safety criteria.

  • Personal encryption key

    Each merchant has its own unique and distinctive secure key to be able to communicate with our payment gateway.

  • PCI DSS Level 1

    Our processes and technologies for processing card payments are in accordance with the highest international safety standards.

  • Support of 3D Secure

    Payment card transactions are protected with a PIN code according to a sum of money which contributes to a greater security of payments.

  • Funds insurance

    Client funds are insured by law up to a maximum of 100,000 EUR. Client funds are kept in bank accounts with a special regime.

  • System stability

    Our HW and SW infrastructure complies with the strictest safety and availability criteria. We use the most reliable data centres and apply the redundant territorially separate IT infrastructure.

  • Availability

    We maintain a long-term availability of our payment gateway at 99.5%. All planned outages are performed during an off-peak period at night.

  • CNB licence

    We are an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) authorized by the Czech National Bank providing payment services.

  • Regulation

    We are the regulated by the Czech National Bank and the Ministry of Finance. We fulfill all the legal requirements.

Customer Service

  • Help Centre

    You can find more information about GoPay in our Help Centre, including simple instructions and sample procedures.

  • Experienced customer support

    Our both experienced customer and technical support team are available to you not only during the integration process but also whenever providing you our services.

  • Large and small retailers

    Our payment system is used by merchants from different areas of business. We are always able to adapt to your needs.

  • Expanding portfolio of payment methods

    Based on the number of available payment methods we are one of the best companies in the market. Furthermore we are constantly adding new payment methods.

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