Make your life easier with GoPay online payments

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How does it work?


GoPay account

Opening GoPay account is free of charge. Just fill out and submit a simple form. Open GoPay account


Top-up your

You can top-up your GoPay account via bank transfer, GoKupon or Premium SMS.


Shop with just
a few clicks

Once you top-up your account you can start your online shopping or transferring money to other GoPay accounts.

Why to pay online with GoPay?

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    Payments at your fingertips

    Shopping in one place. For repeated purchases you do not need to fulfill same information over and over again.

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    Less work, more fun

    You don't have to copy or fill out payment information while paying. All is done in a few seconds and clicks.

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    Transfer money to anyone

    From your GoPay account you can safely transfer your money to any bank accounts.

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    Free of charge

    Do not worry about paying high fees with your GoPay account. Account opening and administration is free of charge. Check out our price list