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Inline gateway

The top solution for the most demanding merchants requiring fast and convenient payments without any redirection.

We are aware of the fact that lots of customers do not complete the purchase because of the payment process. When paying with the Inline payment gateway your customers remain on your web site at all times. The payment process appears as a natural step of the order and it has a positive effect on a ratio of successfully completed orders. Inline payment gateway is displayed in a transparent layer over your site and therefore there is no redirection. The advantage is also the possibility to partially customize the appearance of your payment gateway to match your company colours.

Inline gateway

Redirect gateway

A proven solution to redirect your customers to the payment gateway outside of your web site.

When paying with the Redirect payment gateway your customer is redirected outside of your web site to GoPay payment gateway. After completed payment the customer is redirected to a dedicated page on your site. This solution is also ideal when sending payment reminders by email or QR payment codes. Just click the payment link and the payment gateway is displayed with details of your order. Redirect gateway is designed to appear like Inline gateway. The advantages are same processes, the same advantages and unified environment.

Redirect gateway

Mobile gateway

The user interface is always optimized for any mobile devices of your customers.

Whether you choose either Inline or Redirect payment gateway for your business, all payments from mobile devices are automatically processed through an optimized interface. Mobile gateway contains the same payment processes and benefits as Inline or Redirect gateway. Furthermore, it is enriched with a remastered environment tailored to the mobile devices. Therefore your customer never gets into trouble when paying from mobile phone or tablet.

Mobile gateway


The implementation of GoPay payment gateway is as easy as using it for payments.
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